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The Dream Catchers Academy Program

Transforming lives of indigent and vulnerable girls.

The dream catchers academy program is focused on creating a sustainable future for orphaned/indigents girls by equipping them with a safe home to grow and learn, quality arts and formal education, healthcare, leadership and vocational skills and welfare. Our mission is to transform the lives and relieve poverty among vulnerable girls.

  • Dream Catchers Academy

Founded by Seyi Oluyole in 2014 – Dream Catchers Academy was born from her experience of poverty as a child. By the age of twelve, Seyi Oluyole knew she wanted to be an artist. She valued dancing and the arts of film production. She wrote her own music and recognized at an early age the unique influence of those in the art and entertainment industries. Yet still, like many of the young girls currently enrolled at Dream Catchers Academy, she was living in extreme poverty. Her parents worked tirelessly to provide for both her academic and artistic dreams.

However, their efforts often fell short. From overly expensive tuition fees, homelessness, and first-hand trauma her desires of contributing to the world slowly dissipated. By the age of twenty-one, she was blessed with the opportunity to leave Nigeria and begin a new life in the United States. Over time however, she felt unfulfilled. While her own aspirations were thwarted, she believed she could create opportunities for other young girls who not only struggled in poverty as she had, but who also dreamt of life as an artist and entertainer.

By twenty-four, she moved back to Nigeria to found the Dream Catchers Academy. Her goal and the goal of her team at the academy is to counteract the detriments of growing up in the slums of Nigeria. Slum conditions are especially daunting for young girls. These environments are often laden with poverty, and trauma, given that young girls here are often the targets and victims of gender-based violence. Moreover, many of these girls are passionate about arts.

Through the Dream Catchers Academy, she strives to provide hope and opportunity for these girls to not only thrive in their wellness and education but to support their dreams of artistry. Every girl deserves an opportunity to succeed irrespective of her background- Seyi Oluyole.